Public Relations for National Guard Armory – National State Local

With all the negative press coming out of Iraq and all the young men dying while liberating that nation often a National Guard Amory in a city gets a bad Public Relations rap and one, which really is not deserved at all. National Guard is needed to protect our nation from threats and serve our nations on-going strength.Often due to all these factors it is necessary to increase the goodwill of a National Guard Armory in a community and to do this it may take some out of the box and innovative thinking. There are indeed lots of things a National Guard Armory can do to increase its goodwill. For instance they can involve themselves in a Neighborhood Watch Program in the local town or community. It makes sense because they are there for our security right? If you are thinking of stating a Neighborhood or Community Mobile Watch program you should contact them. Why? Well simple;NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY: These outlets can help you with a grand opening bringing in a tank, or Humvee, or troop carrier. They have many vehicles that drive around and do errands to run the facilities. Also this will help educate thousands of weekend warriors as to your new program. They are a great resource and some day they may even save the lives of all the people in the town during times of natural disaster, terrorist threat or civil unrest. Good people to have on any team and a public relations officer assigned to these things with a budget too.Perhaps some public relations thinking on this subject makes sense for all concerned and therefore we ought to consider such community goodwill strategy in the future. Think on this in 2006.